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Sony CPD-G520. $2100 worth here in Australia. I get it home and hook it all up and it's blurry/fuzzy in the corners of the screen and has convergence errors all over the screen. I take it in to be repaired by Sonys own authorised repairers and get it back with the original convergnece errors moved to different locations. I complain. Take it back again to have another go. Nope. Get it back to find it is still blurry in some areas of the screen and still has convergence errors in various places. I make complaint to Sony. They tell me they checked the unit out with a Klien Optical Guage and say it's within their specification. Moral of the story....................

You buy a Sony monitor, YOUR A BLOODY IDIOT!!!!
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  1. Got a B.B.B. (Better Buisness Buearu) down there? You will sometimes get results...

    Crashing takes on a whole new meaning at 9.8 m/s. :tongue:
  2. :eek:

    Blame the newbies not the technology
  3. that sucks man. Which vid card, res, and refresh u using it at?

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  4. That is a good question. I got my IBM P260 (21" trinitron)at 1600*1200*75.
    I found higher refresh to be hard on the eyes. Also I was using a DVI cable that also degraded quality. Also I am using an old craptastic geforce 2 gts deluxe

    Blame the newbies not the technology
  5. Well, it's good to see some people are taking an interest in this. It's nice to know there are actually people out there who want something of high quality for their hard earned cash.

    In answer to a few questions, there is a place 'down' here that you can complain to about unfair trading. It's no-doubt very similar to your 'B.B.B', but we call it the 'Department of Fair Trading'. And yes, I did make an official complaint regarding Sonys support and help through this situation. To cut a long story short, Sony told them the same crap they told me. The department of Fair Trading basicaly said the only thing left was to sue Sony for a replacement/refund. I could sue them but I would probably lose as I don't have enough facts to back up my claim. Sony have far too much money at their disposal and would no-doubt weasel their way out of any compensation they would owe me anyway.

    The video card I am using is a Hercules 3D Prophet DDR~DVI. Yes, it's getting a little long in the tooth now but with a 1Ghz PIII, it handles the pace OK. I will be upgrading very soon. I run 1600x1200x32 @ 75Hz refresh. As one of you stated, any higher refresh and it looks a bit blurry and difficult to see. On top of the convergence problems I still have, it's a bit of a strain to look at for any length of time. I am also using the BNC plugs rather than the 15pin D-Sub plug. I would like to point out that I could not see any discernible difference between the 2 inputs.

    If I can prevent just one person from buying a Sony monitor, then I feel I have accomplished at least something. I will be selling this useless piece of crap as soon as I can. I'll be stuffed if I am going to sit in front of $2100 worth of crap. The first thing I see everytime I turn it on is the bluriness that the convergence problems show up. Some people may think it's OK, but I worked damn hard to save up for this monitor. And for WHAT? It's a friggin disgrace. That kind of money for a monitor in my view warrants absolute perfection and nothing less.

    All I can say is heed my warning or you could be sorry!!!
  6. The one thing that you must understand is that all geforce 1 ans 2's have fuzzy quality at higher resolutions. My buddy has the same monitor with a geforce 3 ti-200, and the picture is flawless. Try borrowing a vid card and use the db15 for testing

    Blame the newbies not the technology
  7. oh my God...

    I have to say i thought there was idiot businessmen only to greece...My sympathy to u friend...
  8. I understand exactly where your coming from and what your saying is spot on. Your always hearing about Geforce range of cards having poor 2D image quality. The GF3s however, are still affected by this just as much as their earlier cousins. The GF4 on the other hand isn't. nVidia are now using, or so I have read, better filters on the output side of the card to give better quality 2D imaging. I have read plenty of complaints regarding 2D image quality on GF3s, so don't get the idea that GF3s are perfect either.

    The problem I have is related to convergence which has nothing to do with the output quality of the video card. Convergence is caused by a misalignment of the electron beams hitting the poshor dots on the screen. Just read Toms recent review on 19" monitors. Out of the top three, Sony didn't even get mentioned. In fact, the top 3 were brands I have never even heard of. If Sony had included the ability to manipulate the convergence with BETTER onboard controls, this wouldn't even be an issue. The tube is fine, it's the circutry(Onboard Computer) that controls the tube that's the problem. That's why other monitors are coming up trumps over the Sony. Because they include better controlling options to fix screen image problems. I used to use a 19" Hitachi CM751. It's now being used on my other computer I just recently built. The image quality on that is perfect. Whilst the image on the screen isn't as bright as on the Sony, it has absolutley no convergnece errors at all and obviously no blurry/fuzziness either. It has one of the most consistent images across the entire screen I have seen on any monitor. And that was using my 3D Prophet (GF 256). It uses a shadow mask instead of the Aperture grill of the Sony monitor. In my view, Aperture grills are only superior to shadow masks when all the options are available to correct the problems associated with Aperture grill technology.
    Just because a particular brand of monitor uses a Sony Trinitron tube doesn't instantly vindicate that monitor. If your going to buy a monitor, make sure it has plenty of options to adjust all aspects of the image. In particular, if it's a Aperture Grill type unit, ensure it has a very good convergence control system. At least anything better than Sonys attempt anyway.
  9. Someone's been reading up on CRT;s:)

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  10. Funny, I have the same model you do. So does my Dad. They're both great. Never had a problem. Maybe you got one that slipped by QA? Or was damaged in shipping...?
  11. Like the BBB [USA] will do anything?!? They did nothing with my report to them about CNETPC, and the people there [CNETPC] should be in prison for fraud (actually, cutting their hands off would be more satisfactory).

    I must channel my anger to something online game of Joust, anyone?

    If I don't get my 90THz AMD Quadraplex system soon, I'm afraid I may just combust right here.
  12. I bought a cpd e540 (step below the g520) and it was ghosting (white shadows to the right of every vertical line). This was totally independent of convergence and could not be fixed. I had some vertical convergence issues also. Top and bottom were slightly off (red lines on top or bottom depending on how I adjusted it). I returned it and it was accepted as defective. My other sony monitor (cpd e200) does not have this problem.

    I am disappointed with sony like you. Lucky mine was "defective", but no one scrutinized it with an instrument, which calls into doubt any "real" defect. Anyways, whatever the cause I'm more cautious about sony.

    Quality is better than name brand, even regarding beloved AMD.
  13. Well I have a Trinitron Musltiscan 100sx, and it's just beatiful;) If teh BBB doesn't do anything, report the BBB to the BBB!

    Sig of the week.
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