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Hey I want to see how well my brothers new system compares..How about posting your 3DMark 2000 scores (w/ hardware too)
A7V,VisionTek GeForce 2GTS,256 PC133 SDRAM,Athlon Tb 1Ghz,SB LIVE!, 30.0Gb WD (ATA100), Detonator 3 drivers,DX8,WIN98SE, VIA 4in1 (v. 4.26 I believe)

SCORE: 7200

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  1. Mine isn't that quick but here it is.
    Celeron 566@884mhz
    128mb pc100
    Abit-BE6 II
    Voodoo3 3000 16mb
    Win98 2nd editon
    Quantum10gb hdd 5600rpm

    3dmark2000 16bit triple frame buffer PIII optimization
    640x480 - 4128 3dmarks
    800x600 - 3847 3dmarks
    1024x768 - 3150 3dmarks

    Going to be putting in a GEforce2MX in the morning so i'm curious to see how much it will pick up, and also my fcpga adaptor is crappy as hell. I can't even set the voltage higher than 1.75 so once I put in my ABIT slotket i'll have it running at 900+ mhz.
    In Quake3,factory graphic setting when you install I get 83fps 640x480 ,76 800x600, 49 1024x768

    In high quality i get, 640x480 77fps
    800x600 63fps
    1024x768 43
  2. A7V with Duron 600 @ 950
    GeForce 2GTS 64MB DDR
    256 MB Crucial Ram
    Maxtor HD ATA66
    NVidia Drivers 6.49
    DX 8
    VIA 4.26
    Windows Me
    Default Benchmark ~6500

    I think the differences between our scores are due to obviously the processor and all that extra cache. Also I think Windows Me is a little slower.
  3. MY computer is REALLY messed up right now, as you can tell by the score:

    Athlon 750 @ 1050
    128MB SDRAM PC133
    GeForce2 GTS 32MB DDR

    Score (1024x768): 2913 HAHAHAHA LOL what a piece of crap

    Oh well, I can't play any games right now , so I'm upgrading when the ABit or ASUS DDR motherboard's come out!
  4. I wasn't quite satisfied with my results either.
    512MB PC100
    17 Gb IBM 7200 RPM
    3dfx V5 5500 Agp
    WIN 98SE

    Final score 4183
    I don't have the complete version, does your score come down since your not using the 2 image quality tests, and are you guys using the profesional version or the free one?
  5. I am using the free one.

    And BTW, your score is low due to the VooDoo card.
    No offense, its just not as fast as the GeForce cards.
  6. I used the FREE version. I'm not sure what you mean about the score coming down do to the image tests. I thought it ran through all 20 tests. Are there others that should be included?
  7. Tbird 1.1Ghz / Asus A7V
    ATI All-in-wonder Radeon, 32MB DDR
    2x IBM 46.1GB drives in RAID 0 on Promise RAID controller
    etc etc

    3dmark, free download, default benchmark:
    downloading powerstrip, OC-ing my video RAM a bit by moving the slider 0.5 cm to the right from 166MHZ to 182MHZ
    (I never believed OCing *could* be so easy and painless:)

    4500 or so (don't remember exactly)

    performs worse in Win2k, I guess because it wasn't tuned for gaming...

    score is low for what my system can do, but that's because of video card - I wanted more features than pure raw performance
    (people from same company with same config but GF2 Ultra got 9320 on their scores! :) :smile:
  8. Kodiak,
    What are you using to OC your video card?
    Where did you get it and can it be used with GeForce Cards?
  9. There are two more tests in the complete version. They are image quality tests.
  10. bubba:
    yes and yes... just search on Yahoo for PowerStrip :)
    its mirrored everywhere... quick search finds:


  11. powerstrip makes it easy to OC it... but its up to you to make sure you cool it well etc...

    I thought Geforce can be overclocked just by going into its software/driver settings?
  12. it can with the newer drivers

    Companies that = cancer
    ati creative lexmark micro$oft mitsumi rambu$ via
  13. A-Open AK73PRO
    T-Bird 800 @ 1000
    Asus GF2-GTS 32mg

    3Dmark = 8300
  14. Asus A7V w/ 1005a bios
    Tbird 700@945 (9x105)
    128meg PC100 CAS2 @ 133 Cas3
    Asus V7700 Deluxe w/ det.6.31 core/mem 205/390

    3dMark 640x480 16bit = 8390

    "I yam what I yam!"
  15. whew, I only get around 4200 in 640 x 480 and 3300 with default settings.
    FIC AZ11
    mushkin rev2 256mb
    Diamond Viper 770 Ultra (remember when Diamond was good
    IBM Deskstar 45GB 7200 (shouldn't matter)
    1 GHz T-Bird
    Win2K Pro SP1
    Detonator 6.50 (tried 7.17 but, it screws up in ACAD)

    Now I don't have much in the settings dept on this board and I haven't even tried to OC besides the RAM settings at CAS2 which I don't believe is considered OC'n especially since it's Mushkin RAM. I was wondering how this compared to unOC'd systems.

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  16. Iwas trying to compare my performance to other computers,but on Mad Onion's website it dosen't give you all the system specs or if it is overclocked etc.So i really have no real way to fully compare.all posts would be appreciated.
    thanks in advance rick

    asus P3V4x
    P3 550e@814 1.75v 148fsb
    Annihilator 2 32mb 235/370
    128mb micron pc133 cas3 at 148fsb
    10 gig Western Digital 7200 rpm udma66
    Vortex 2
    52x cdrom
    Soho nic
    Best Data 56k modem

    6951 3D MARKS
    1024x768 16bit

    i had posted this under o/c 3dchips then i found it here,so i was lazy and did a copy paste.

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  17. Hey Flyboy, we can't help unless you tell the resolution you used, it makes a HUGE diff!

    I'm assuming default bench?

    Screw the risks! -Street
    -AMD 1470Mhz-Abit KT7A-Raid-256Mushrev3-Fop38
  18. I have both installed, and have been troubled with the rather "unstable" condition of Win2K. Athlon 1ghz/Asus A7V/512/ultradma100 working. I used the 3dmark2000 to do a system check and noticed that in Win2K it runs at the 5000 to 5100 and WinME runs at 7100 to 7300. I figure this is something to do with the VIAAGP.sys file. I need help on how to get Win2k stable <7 lock-ups a day is quite normal>.And maybe even get the AGP problems fixed up.
    Any information would be greatly welcomed. It's a Geforce2 pro vid card

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