What's up with Installing OTF fonts in W7?

Getting the error The requested File is not a valid font file I've done some research about registry changes where you put SessionImageSize with DEC of 20 but that was for XP 64bit. I can't seem to find anything about installing fonts for Windows 7. I've tried with TTF and OTF
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    How did you try installing the fonts? The usual method is to just copy the actual font files to your Fonts folder (found through Control Panel).
  2. i have the same problem.
  3. i tried both ways, copy and paste and rigth click button and then install.
    nothing happen.
  4. Also, if the font files are contained in a ZIP (which is how most Adobe OTF fonts are packaged) you can't just drag-n-drop them to the Control Panel > Fonts folder, even though Windows 7 treats ZIP files like a folder.

    First you need to copy them to a standard folder to uncompress them, and then you can drag and drop the uncompressed *.OTF files to the Control Panel > Fonts folder.
  5. I'm having the same issue installing OTF fonts on Windows7 64bit - moved fonts out of the zipped folder, dragged the fonts into control panel/ fonts and still get 'invalid font' error. this thread and OP's problem hasn't been solved as far as i'm concerned!
  6. Rather than dragging, or right clicking. Double click the font name. A font preview window will open and there is an option to install there.

  7. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium and cannot install fonts using any method. This is frustrating. I could install fonts on Win7 on my laptop, but not on my new desktop.
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