Multiple router and printer question.

Hi, I have a query about my router set up, and how I can use a printer with it.

Welcome MS Paint.

My PC is connected to the main router (netgear) (wired)
The second router, the one that is for wireless connections, is connected to laptops and the printer. (wireless)
The main router is also connected to the second router by an Ethernet cable.

This is shown by the badly drawn diagram above.

What I want to know: Is there a way I can connect the wired pc to the
printer ?(without cables, as they are 20 metres away from each other)

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  1. how is the Linksys connected to the Netgear? which port on the Linksys does it use
  2. The linksys port that would normally be used for the asdl cable, is connected to the first ethernet port of the netgear.
  3. Since they are both on the same network they should be able to communicate. If you don't have the printer installed on the wired PC then you will need to install it's driver first. The printer driver should have a driver cd or otherwise you can download one from the manufacurers site. During the setup operation the printer should be found and then installed on your pc. After it has completed setup you should be able to print.
    All of the above is considering that your home network is setup correctly. If it is you should be able to find the printer in "network".
  4. two ways to deal with this;

    1) if all devices should be on the same network, configure the Linksys as an AP (Access Point)

    2) if you want to keep it two separate networks as it is right now, you will have to do a port forward in the Linksys to the IP of the printer and configure your PC to print to the WAN IP of the Linksys. most printers use port 9100.
  5. Sorry to be annoying, but is there a more detailed way to do this?
  6. Using two networks at home when you are not familiar with networking will be a husge pain and also pointless. You best bet is to use a single network so you can gain access to all devices without too much fuss.

    It isn't hard to set up just follow the instructions carefully.
    (Using the Netgear as DHCP server. Disconnect Linksys till later!)
    1. Enter Netgear config page and go to Lan Settings.
    2. Find IP Address (Let's say it's: IP- SM- this will be the Default Gateway for all other devices.
    3. Go to DHCP Settings. Set the DHCP Pool start address to Allowing addresses - for any devices that may need a static IP.
    4. Enter the number of addresses you would like to be available to be issued in the "Pool Size" field, 50 is a decent amount).
    5. Save settings and exit.
    6. Connect to Linksys and enter Config Page.
    7. Go to LAN Settings and disable DHCP. Save Settings.
    8. Set the Linksys IP to Subnet Mask Save Settings.
    ** You can now reconnect Linksys to Netgear **
    9. You can also turn off firewall on Linksys, since all traffic from internet will be going through Netgear. Leaving it turned on will only make things more difficult.
    10. Reconnect all other devices to network!
    If there are any devices on your network that need static IPs (PS3, XBOX etc) for port forwarding or whatever, manually issue tham an IP between - Then set up any port forwarding on Netgear.
    At this point you should be able to see (and install) the network printer from all devices on the network!
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