Can't get into modem configuration

Hi guys, I've got a problem, I can't get into the configuration of my modem, I type to get into it because I know that's the Default Gateway that I have it assigned but nothing happens, I've tried in every explorer and it doesn't work.

This is my setup:
My PC is connected to the modem itself, and a router is connected to another port on the modem, this is because this way I can limit the speed on the router while I get all the speed coming from the modem.

Also, do you guys know how can I access the router on this setup, if I connect my PC directly through the router, I just have to type and I get in, but while I'm in the modem I can't get into the router neither the modem...

Any ideas?

PD: Internet connection IS working.
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  1. There isn't anything you can configure in a modem. Your ISP downloads the config to the modem via TFTP.
  2. Yea there's a lot of thing that I can configure on a modem... You can open ports, enable DMZ, enable QoS, change IP address, block IP address, etc, etc, etc...

    Does someone else know what might be the problem?...
  3. That must be a combination modem/router as those are router settings. Most motoroloa surfboard modems can be accessed via
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    After rereading your initial post, you can't communicate to one device while on the other because you are using 2 different networks. Your modem would need a 192.168.0.x address in order to access your router. Currently your modem is on a 192.168.1.x network.
  5. Yea I understand that but, in the first post I said that my PC was connected directly to the modem, so it would be in the same network, but still, when I write it would not let me get into the router for some reason.
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