my hard disk is being accessed all the time help:(

wehnever i'm starting windows after a few minutes the computer seems to slow down a lot... the hard disk light starts flashing as if the hard disk is being contiunally accessed... the mouse pointer starts to change into the sandclok like somehting is being loaded.. this occurs constantly.. it is slowing down the comp a real lot can anyone help me plz??
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  1. Can you give more information about your pc? Hardware, OS, pagefile size, etc...

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  2. First, download the latest virus definitions and run a scan, just in case.

    Then you need to look at what programs are running in the background. It might be a help if you post your operating system and memory amount.

    Carry out the common sense tasks, like disc clean-up and defrag.

    Sounds like you have either not enough memory and the swap file is being accessed a lot, of you have some rouge program causing a bit of hassle.

    Any new hardware additions?

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  3. To expand on camie's suggestion of background programs, use <A HREF="" target="_new">Startup Control Panel</A> to turn off any programs you have in the background. I would turn off one program at a time until you find out which is the culprit.

    I'll add another thing of downloading <A HREF="" target="_new">Ad-Aware</A> to rid your system of spyware. Oh yeah, a fix that worked for me was setting the jumpers of the hard drive from master/slave to cable select. Check your hard drive's manual or the top of the drive for jumper configurations.


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  4. Also to be on the safe side to ensure you don't have any internet activity intruding upon your PC, disconnect the modem line to the phone jack or network card cable from your router/cable modem/DSL. This will isolate your PC to troubleshoot the problem like Btvillarin and Camie advised. Good luck.

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  5. Sound like you are running out of system resources and your os is using the HDD for virtual memory

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  6. You have a good point, but Trongu needs this info. I agree with you as that being a possibility. You should post again, but try replying to Trongu, or maybe he will come back and see your suggestion. Good post anyway.

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  7. COuld be. Remove any unneeded startup program loads. In Win98, you'll want to run "System Configuration utility" in Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System, Tools, System Config. Util.

    In Win2K I believe you must edit the registry...

    get all them crappy 3rd party loaders outta yer start up.

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  8. First things first, tell us how much memory you have and what OS you're using.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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