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Hi, I want to share one monitor between two computers, one work pc and the other personal pc. Does anyone know of a good quality switching device which maintains a good picture quality on the monitor and doesn't blurr or fuzz the picture?
Preferably needs to have one DVI input and one VGA input with a DVI output to the monitor.
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  1. Most decent quality monitors have dual-inputs, does yours? If it does, you can just swap inputs right on the monitor. No signal loss that way at all.
  2. Yes, I'm trying to avoid that method, last resort. Cheers
  3. That should be your first option, why would you buy something that costs extra when you already have a solution? Any KVM will add some signal noise, the higher the resolution, the more distortion you will see. You'd need to spend probably $50 or more on a KVM to avoid that even at short cable runs. Plus I don't think I have seen a KVM or a video input switcher that had different inputs you can use that was under several hundred dollars. The ones I work with in conference rooms are around $1,000 or more.
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