PC won't detect USB network adapter

So I just finished building my new PC.

Installed windows 7. Plugged in wireless network adapter in USB port. It detects it and I'm able to connect to the internet. I download chrome and install it.

I restart the computer. And now it shows I have no network adapters and I can't find it in device manager. Plugged it in again in, used different ports.. to no avail.

I plugged the network adapter into another PC and it works.

Anyone have a clue what's going on? :p
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  1. weird. try a different brand of usb wifi adaptor. sometimes they are just slight incompatibilities between equipment.
  2. Just installed the USB 3.0 drivers that came with the mobo and I plugged it into one of those and it worked.

    Still won't detect it in the normal USB ports though.. eventhough it did work the first time. The wireless adapter is not a USB 3.0 device.

    Something wrong with the drivers for the other USB ports? :??:
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