sb live 5.1 doesnt work @ll in xp

hey guys
im not sure if anyone else who has the same sound card has ever encountered the same prob as mine
i tried to install my sb live 5.1 card on my system..i first tried to install the card w/ the bundled driver..the installation seemed okay..but! if i tried to play music system just hangs..i retarted the comp..oops..worse thing system just keeps restarting over n over again..nonstop!..unless i physically remove the card from my system..or my system wont work @ll..i even tried the updated driver for 5.1 from the creative website..same prob exists..i also tested the card on my 4 other systems..yes..same prob again..none of my 5 systems would work w/ this card (oem..btw)..why is this?
this doesnt sound alrite to me since all my 5 systems hav diff specs..cept they all run in xp
is this card defective or wut approach i should do?!
plz help~thx alot
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  1. Upgrade, its your only hope. Get rid of the live cards people, they were designed years before XP came out and not good cards at all compared to the current crop.

    The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the empires state building, along came goblin, wiped the spider out
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