Acer emachine e627 window 7 problem

hello ..i got acer emachines e627 laptop and i dont have any cd to restore and i forgot the password.... how to restore factory settings without cd and without log in plzzz.... thanks
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  1. Did the laptop come with any CD's? If not, you'll have to access the recovery partition when you first turn it on (the emachines/acer splash screen). Usually you do this by hitting one of the function keys (not sure which one it is for acer).
  2. i am having the same above problems with the same model. i also did not create the disks. When doing the recovery partition it freezes on a black screen. i was looking to see if anyone has created those recovery disks or can and send them to me in an email or by snail mail.
  3. Tom's Hardware does not provide the service you are asking for kbealer44
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