Slow DSL Speeds, Help!!

:cry: I have had SCBGLOBAL.NET DSL since about 2003. I am currently using a Speedstream 4100 modem. For some reason, my speeds have plummeted to unacceptable speeds. I have changed modems (same kind) cleaned the ends of each line. I am now coming here hoping for some hope. I am about to switch to Comcast as i just can't take this hassle any more.

ok, i just changed the old phone line from the wall to the dsl modem, i also changed the ethernet cord from the modem to the router. IT SEEMS that if i mess with the phoneline dsl connection, on the wall, that my ping can increase as well as my total speed back up to just over 5Mbps.

At this moment its only at 1.31Mbps and since I have changed the cords as well as the modem, I have to wonder if MAYBE the box on the wall for the phone line/dsl is going bad?Maybe I should change it out?

Also, since I do not have a landline phone on that exact spot and am only using the box on the wall for DSL what it really matters if I have a DSL Filter on that line or not? The dsl seems to work with or without a filter on that box.

Any help here from anyone would be appreciated!
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  1. The filters only go on PHONES you plug into the DSL line. sounds like something has changed on the phone companies end and you need to.get after them, or your DSL modem is going.

    to be hones DSL is horrible. and I have no complaints about Comcast. its faster for the price and it works
  2. Yes, it matters if you have a splitter/filter. Call SBC or the local telecom. The phone wires going into the house from the outside won't necessarily work for all of your internal phone jacks.
  3. I agree with Monjo. At this point, call your DSL company.
  4. There are some issues with DSL, the speed can vary greatly depending on how many people are on the same line you are on, and how much traffic is on the line at any given time. Also, the farther you are from the switch, DSL speeds start to degrade, and it does so very quickly. If you are more than a couple miles from the phone company, and have a lot of people on your line, DSL can slow to a literal crawl. Comcast is more expensive, but it is also fast. Very fast. Once you decide to go to Comcast, if you are online a lot, watch streaming video, download large files, etc, hate to say, but Comcast is the way to go.
  5. i do have a splitter/filter but does it need to be attached to that particular phone jack on the wall as I no longer have a phone attached that would make use of the splitter?

    We do have filters on all the rest of the jacks in the house.
  6. no filter goes between the wall plug and the dsl modem but you provider could be reducing your speed when you do p2p exchange to limit traffic some provider does that
  7. i do zero P2P
  8. then check your provider if they give you the real internet speed you pay for ask them to change the modem if it is provide by them ,could not get any info on there service in google
  9. Go to your modem's page and check your sync rate and SNR.
  10. dsl will work just fine without a line filter if you’re not using a house phone. Filters just filter out the frequencies used by the phone to avoid getting disconnected.

    By the sounds of it when you wiggle the dsl plug your ping spikes. Have a look at behind the wall plate and if necessary change it.

    If not then, other possible problems could be.

    *phone wiring in the house ageing/faulting.

    *phone wire protective coating from pit to house is wearing out and is affecting line quality due to moisture.

    *Pit wiring box leaking anti corrosion gell.

    *Having some kind of service installed, TV or other appliances using the phone line might have had the wires spliced by a technician.

    *dsl line profile set too high.
  11. System: Welcome Mr. XXX XXXX.
    System: Connecting to server. Please wait...
    System: Connection with server established.
    System: Technical Support Topic: Slow Speed
    System: KIM has joined this session!
    System: Connected with KIM
    KIM: Thank you for contacting AT&T Internet Support. My name is Kim (kh2684).
    KIM: I see that I am chatting with Mr. XXX XXXX and could you confirm if XXXXXXXXX is the number associated with your DSL/Dial account?
    You: correct
    KIM: Thank you for confirming the details.
    KIM: In case we get disconnected, please click on the following link to re-connect with me.
    You: ok
    KIM: Mr. XXXX, I see that you are not getting the speed according to your speed plan. Am I corer ct?
    KIM: *correct.
    You: correct
    KIM: I apologize for the inconvience caused and would do my best to resolve the issue .
    You: ty
    KIM: You are welcome.
    You: ive had DSL since 2003 and im getting fed up with paying the price for it and i know i can get fast speed with cable
    KIM: I really apologize that being our valuable customer you are not getting the speed according to the speed plan.
    KIM: Mr. King, If required to escalate this issue to the higher level of support I would do that also for you.
    You: k
    KIM: In order to know the root cause of the issue I need some information. Would that be fine with you?
    You: ya
    KIM: Thank you .
    KIM: Please let me know the make and model of the Modem/Router you are using?
    You: speedstream 4100
    KIM: Are you using any other router like D-link , Linksys with Speedstream 4100?
    You: yes a belkin
    KIM: Okay.
    KIM: Are you chatting from the same computer in which you are experiencing the issue?
    You: yes
    KIM: Are you experiencing the slow speed issue in wired or wireless connection?
    You: i have changed all ethernet cords and phone lines as well
    You: wired
    KIM: I appreciate your efforts.
    You: if i try to get a speedtest now at it wont even tell me how fast it is it just gives me a latency error
    You: i have no idea how im even online at all at this point
    KIM: No problem try with this link to check the speed test .
    KIM: Check the speed from the above link and then let me know the download and the upload speed.
    You: download sAys 3.88 and upload says 0.58
    KIM: Thank you for the information.
    You: oh im also using windows 7 and did try using the diagnostic help tool for resolving any issues, it wont even run
    KIM: As the speed test results shows that you are not getting the speed according to the speed plan.
    You: the att speed test is always different, usually much higher than results
    KIM: There could be issue on your line . Let me run the line test so that I can figure out the exact issue .
    You: k
    KIM: Mr. XXXX, I believe that you have powercycled your modem also. Am I correct?
    You: oh heck, i changed it completely
    KIM: Okay.
    You: exact same model
    KIM: Please allow me 2 minutes so that I can provide you the line test result.
    You: ok
    KIM: Thank you for your patience.
    You: no problem
    KIM: Mr. XXXX, I ran the line test and found some issue with your line. So I would have to escalate this issue to our higher level of support to correct the issue.
    KIM: Let me provide you the exact result of the line test.
    You: what kind of issue?
    KIM: BBNMS reports a possible loop length issue. Follow DAWN to trouble shoot the specific issue the customer is reporting.
    KIM: It is loop length issue on your line.
    You: ok, what exactly did I do to cause this to happen?
    KIM: There is no issue from your end . The issue is with the Internet line and the line and maintenance Department would correct the issue .
    You: oh i see
    KIM: Please provide me your best contact number so that the line and maintenance department can reach you if required.
    You: either my home phone number that you already have or my cell which is XXX-XXX-XXXX
    KIM: Thank you .
    You: np
    KIM: Please stay with me on this chat until I escalate this issue.
    You: ok
    You: im not going anywhere
    KIM: Thank you .
    KIM: Thank you for your patience.
    You: well im kinda a hostage to att speed at the moment. lol
    KIM: I really apologize that it took some time as the tools were not working properly .
    You: u cant be at blame for everything
    KIM: Mr. XXXX, I am having some trouble in escalating this issue to the line and maintenance department .
    KIM: So I would request you to call our voice support at 1-877-722-3755 (toll free).
    KIM: Please call on this number now and provide the case number .
    KIM: The case number is XXXXXXXXXXXX.
    You: ok ty
    KIM: And ask them to escalate the case to the line and maintenance department.
    KIM: Please call them now.
    KIM: I am here with you.
    You: ok
    You: calling now
    KIM: Okay.
    You: the machine does not understand ESCALATING ISSUE TO LINE AND MAINTENENE DEPT
    KIM: Let me help you to connect to the live agent.
    KIM: When you call on the above number , make sure you don't respond to the automated machine even when it says " I see that you are calling from xxx-xxx-xxxx" just remain silent and then after some time you will be connected to the live agent.
    KIM: Try it .
    You: talking to a live person
    KIM: Great.
    KIM: Please provide the case number .
    KIM: And ask the agent to refer the case first .
    You: ty
    KIM: You are welcome.
    KIM: The agent would now escalate your case to the line and the maintenance department .
    KIM: Is there anything else that I may assist you with today?
    You: no ty
    KIM: You are most welcome.
    KIM: Thank you for choosing AT&T .
    System: KIM has left this session!
    System: The session has ended!
  12. give feedback when they solve it
  13. i am seriously contemplating changing out the phone jack, as it was here when I bought the house and God Knows how old it is. It could seriously be from the 1960's
  14. I had that same problem before. Frequent drop out, low sync speed. They come to my house and tested the cabling. Nothing wrong with the house line (I did change the wall connector). It turns out the connector between the street line and the house is bad. The company changed it and it is better. Now I am only having minor connection problem after rain. Possibly bad insulation somewhere on the street line. Well, I am not too worry because the internet will come back a few hours later once the rain dry out and my area is getting fibre optic within 3 years.
  15. scout_03 said:

    kind of, but there is a screw that runs thru the middle.
  16. kinda like this one
  17. could it be that they are the same the other got the screw inside to fix it ot the wall and the cover pop up
  18. maybe
  19. It is true. The one scout_03 suggest is the same. It is just that the screw mount is inside and you click the cover on to cover everything.

    But then you may not want to make more holes on the wall.
  20. ive never changed a phone jack, but it cant be that difficult
  21. reconnect the wires one by one with the one of the same color and it will work
  22. It's not difficult at all. Just make sure you know exactly which wire connect to which connector. You screw to clamp the wire on (at least for the Australian connector).
  23. Oh, also it is a good idea to cut the corroded bit of copper wire off and expose the new shiny bit to connect to your connector if there is excess of wire for you to do so.
  24. thanks for the tip! :)
  25. Hi.
    While I suspect your problem may be EXTERNAL to your house, you may wish to try:

    1), then
    2) unhook ALL phone devices (even filters) except your MODEM, then
    3) REPEAT #1

    After this, try the above AGAIN with your MODEM in a completely different phone jack.
  26. photonboy said:
    While I suspect your problem may be EXTERNAL to your house, you may wish to try:

    1), then
    2) unhook ALL phone devices (even filters) except your MODEM, then
    3) REPEAT #1

    After this, try the above AGAIN with your MODEM in a completely different phone jack.

    funny thing is, that if i try at, i get a latency error and it wont do anything else, but if i go to it shows at least something. wierd. :ange:
  27. one thing you could do is to get one of those jack box and connect directly where the phone line comes in the house after test the speed of your modem connected directly to this jack so you will know that inside cable are or or not
  28. Call your Internet Provider.
    They can run a certain amount of diagnostics from their location and will send out someone to your house if needed.

    The call will take a LONG time (maybe over an hour). They'll also ask you to check that all phone filters are connected so maybe do that first.
  29. i am awaiting a new wireless router to see if that will help much. my old Belkin may be going bad....
  30. cancelled the new router and replaced both modem and router with a DGN1000 combo. My speeds and connection have never been better now! ATT was very little help at all.
  31. good that everything work have fun
  32. That's good. Could be your line got a bit more deteriorated and your old modem can't sync. Some chipset sync better than others on noisy line.
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