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Part of the SE Software installed on my m/c is mRouter from Intuwave. I am
frequently getting the following error when I start my machine

'could not create instance of mRouter access point reinstall software'
reinstallation does no good...can anyone hrlp here?

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  1. If you have spyware terminator is seems to block this in the application guard. Possibly you have another application that is doing a similar thing if you do not have spyware terminator. Without more info about the file it would be hard to tell if the version you have on your system is safe or not. If it is the Intuwave directory who went into administration in 2003 I think then chances are its fine but you best bet is to do your research. Right click the mouse on the executable and check the properties on the file. You should see all the info fully populated e.g. company name file version etc. Then do a few seaches on the net with the info you have and that should provide you with your answer. If it came from software that you installed, and you can trust the source of the software then remove it from the application blocked list in your spyware software and move it to the allows section. The error should then not re-appear. Don't take anybody word as gospel always check suspect files out for yourself. If you can backup your entire system before installing any software to be safe.
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