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Hello, and thank you for your thoughts. I am trying to set up two separate networks that share a single internet connection. I have used the following link to set it up:

I have a cisco cable modem from mediacom (not sure of model #) connected to a Cisco RV082 router w/ DHCP enabled. From the LAN ports on the RV082, I have a Linksys WRT120 and a Linksys E2500 connected into the yellow internet ports. I am guessing those are the WAN ports referred to in the article. I have DHCP disabled on both of the Linksys routers and set the addresses of the three routers all different;, and Using this setup, I have the limited or no connectivity icon showing on the Windows XP task bar, and accordingly, have no internet connection on either network. I have tried repairing the connection/renewing the IP addresses on client computers and rerun the XP network setup wizard. I have made no other changes to the router settings. Could you please tell me what I have done incorrectly? Thanks!!
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    the DHCP on all three routers should be enabled.

    the IPs listed above should be that of the LAN side of the router

    before assigning static IPs to the WAN side of each Linksys, test by using the Automatic (DHCP)
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  3. Awesome, thanks
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