Memory Corsair vengeance 8gb problem with asus

I dont know what is the problem but my OS, RAM or Mobo.

i have

proc: i5 2500k
mobo: asus p8z68-v le
ram: corsair vengeance 8g (2x4g)
psu: tx750
hdd: 3hdd = WD/SG/SG
current OS: win 7 ultimate 64bit


previously i have a win 7 ultimate 32bit. and all my games are good and running well.

i upgraded recently my mobo to asus p8z68-v le ram to corsair vengeance and processor to i5 2500k

after a clean installation.
i noticed that my browser continue to crash. and i cant install my old games like masseffect.

and 1 time a quick BSOD.. i keep on trying to install the games but it cant.
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  2. ohh.. sorry pyree if i post it on the wrong section.

    btw the error that im getting when i try to install the games and other applications including flash and directx is "Source data is corrupt"

    now that i used 1 stick of ram(4gb). seems to working fine. how can i maximize the 8bg ram that i have its not broken because pc still opens when the 2 sticks were inserted.
  3. :D Have you worked this out?
  4. not yet really im only using 1 stick of ram. and it works but when i put the 2nd ram to make it 8gb of ram, im starting having troubles with crashing application..
  5. run Memtest ( ) or BETTER YET:

    Read your motherboard manual to ensure you are putting the RAM in the correct slots. There's a recommended slot for single and for dual sticks.

    So boot to MEMTEST and test the following scenarios:

    1) Stick#1 by itself
    2) Stick#2 by itself
    3) BOTH STICKS together (don't bother if one of the sticks fail)

    We can't continue troubleshooting until we sort this out.
  6. stick #1 ur ram does not allocate memory correctly.
    stick #2 ok.
    both sticks same error as #1.

    so stick #2 is the one im currently using.
  7. i'm noob at this.

    any harsh comment is welcome as long as you can educate me with my problem. thanks in advance.
  8. ok! i got it resloved! bring it back to supplier before 1 week for replacement. :)
  9. Cool!
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