How to convert windows 7 64 bit to 32 bit
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  1. Hello hameemtirur;

    Direct conversion from 64bit to 32bit is not possible. You'll need to do a clean install.

    Make sure all your personal data and files are backed up before starting the clean install.
  2. My question is why? Unless there is some specific reason why (such as a $1K+ program), just keep 64-bit. As WR2, it will require a clean install of Windows.
  3. A 32bit program with a 16bit installer.... or maybe some peripheral hardware that only has 32bit drivers. Those are common reasons.
  4. hameemtirur said:
    How to convert windows 7 64 bit to 32 bit

    As already said, you will have to re-install Windows. First make sure you have your Licence Key, if it's not on a sticker on your machine, use Belarc Advisor software from here
    Then, if you don't have a Win7 installation disk you can legally downlaod a copy of Windows from here
    Choose 32bit version, download as an iso and burn it to a disk

    Back up any personal data, set your machine to boot from your new disk, and when the option becomes available during setup, do a fresh install. Download drivers from your machine's manufacturer and install.
    Good luck
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