DVI or Analog?

Hi all experts out there, need some opinions from you here.
I am going to but a new LCD screen and don't know if I need to have DVI input. I mainly use it for web surfing, movies and games. Would I really benefit from it? Would I be able to see the difference?

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  1. Hi...I'm far from an expert here. I'm also looking into getting an LCD for the first time, but I've been going through all the reviews on this site and the posts here.

    Check out the Hercules Prophetview 920 Pro DVI.

    It got some great reviews here on the site and people have been recommending it. $549, free shipping and no taxes in most states...not too bad of a deal and you won't have to worry about the DVI connection since it has it.

    I also think it comes with a DVI-VGA adapter so you should be good to go with some of the older cards.

    I think I'll be going with this one.
  2. DVI is always going to be the preferable connection for LCD's. It *will* be a noticeable difference on any decent flat panel. Since LCD's are truely digital display devices, DVI is just the better way to go, offering a digital-digital connection. With VGA, your video card has to convert the signal from digital to analog before it sends it out, then the panel has to convert the analog signal back to digital so it can be displayed.
  3. ^^That's what I meant to say.
  4. Not necessarily. It depends very strongly upon the actual LCD. There are effectively 3 cases. The first is where there is really no perceptable difference between the analog and digital (o, and for the record, there is DVI-D (digital), DVA-A(analog), and DVI-A(Analog+digital). When I say digital, I mean DVI-D, and when I say analog I mean ur standard CRT monitor connection). This is what mostly happens. The next case is when the analog may look better than the digital simply because it is softer/ better color reproduction (it happens). Finally, there is the case where the digital looks better. You need to see an LCD in front of your eyes before purchasing imo. You will be able to tell then what you like best and which is easier on the eyes.

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  5. O, it also depends on the video card. If you've got a bad vid card with a low quality output, you will really see it at something like 1280x1024. Games and movies are the stress tests of lcds by the way, as they generally involve fast motion (unless you restrict yourself to Diablo 2)

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  6. Thanks guys, very helpful replies. I guess in the long run I will benefit more from DVI since you can always switch back to analog.
    I can't seems to open that link to read the PV 920 Pro review, it said something about cookies.
    What do you think about the Hyundai Q17?
  7. I bought Q17 a week ago. i've had it for few days now. I had a VA800 Viewsonic and there is a BIG difference. Although i did buy VA800 about 2.5 years ago.
    Q17 is a nice thin monitor. The colors are great and the brightness is awesome. As far as image trailing, it is not comparable to my VA800. Q17 is WAY better and I think if you really want to see it you can but it is not something you notice at all while playing games. Prophetview has a nice looks to it but essentially they are the same panel so the picture should be the same. Q17 is more compact but does not have the coolest base as the prophetview. I like the thin bezel on Q17, prohetview has a little bigger so it depends what you like. I guess it is a matter of taste. Although Q17 is cheaper by like $80 so if money is your concern and the above things suit your taste you can go with q17.
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