Wireless connection drops out after 'sleeping'


I already have an existing wireless network set up. Since buying a laptop the internet wireless connection drops out from the laptop after 'sleeping'. I then have to troubleshoot to get the connection back again. How can this be fixed????
Since this started happening now our mobiles are not picking up the wireless connection???
If you could help it would ben much appreciated!!!!
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Go into Control Panel>System>Hardware (if XP) >Device Manager, find the network adapters and highlight the wireless connection then right click it and go to Properties. Under the Advanced tab, there shol dbe an option to turn off power saving. That should mean the power to th3e device should restart as son as the system wakes up.

    If the wireless device is a USB dongle, the setting will be under the Power Management tab.

  2. Update your wireless button driver. (Worked for me on Hp Pavillion Sleekbook)
  3. I had this problem and I fixed it by downloading a nebulous Toshiba ACPI compliant value added logical device driver. It was an optional download in Windows update. I have Win 8.1. My laptop wireless recovers fine now after sleep.

    I didn't like the idea of unselecting the power management control setting on the wireless device, and possibly having the laptop overheat. For me, the wireless always recovered after sleep until WIN 8.1. So it appears at least for me this ACPI Advanced Configuration Power Interface driver fixed my problem.
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