i cant install windows 7 on my pc bcoz it has a graphics card of ati raedon 4650 hd 1 gb.So i request u to kindly solve the problem quickly as soon as possible.
thank you
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  1. Please describe what is going on? Do you get an error message? Do you need the driver? More exact information is needed (please provide MB and other parts model and brand).
  2. Having a Radeon 4650 will not keep you from installing Windows 7. If you need drivers go to, download them from there.
  3. But the problem is to not installing the drivers.The problem is when the install is completed at least it checks sounds and drivers and a light will revolve around the windows 7 then its stops....ok
  4. Ok you are saying that the installation hangs up near the end of the process when it restarts. Windows has native video drivers for that card. I would start over format the disk and do a clean install. Are you using a valid original Win cd?
  5. You need to add more details to what is happening. Need make and model of the PC, or if it's custom made, make and model of the components.
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