Is the lan cable and cat 6 cable is same?


I would like to know what is the difference between LAN cable and ethernet cable ?
is both cable is same?

can we use CAT 6 and CAT 5 cable as LAN CABLE?
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  1. LAN and ethernet cable is the samething

    and LAN cables are either CAT5e or CAT6 standart
  2. A Cat5 cable can only handle speeds of up to 100mbps (Cat5e means it has a max transfer of 1gbps)

    a Cat6 cable can handle speeds of up to 10gbps and each pair of twisted cable is individually shielded, this is a much higher quality cable and allows "cleaner" data transmission.
  3. If u had a gigabit router, would you use cat 5e or 6?
  4. coocoo bananas said:
    If u had a gigabit router, would you use cat 5e or 6?

    Cat5 = 10/100Mbps for 100m
    Cat5e(nhanced) = 10/100Mbps/1000Mbps for 100m
    Cat6 = 10/100/1000 Mbps for 100m 10,000 Mbps for 50m
    Cat6A/Cat7 = 10,000 Mbps for 100m

    That being said, if your doing a new install I would use Cat6 if you can afford it, but Cat5e would work also. Cat5 will not work for gigabit speed.
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