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I saw that microsoft windows 7 oem is selling for half the price of the retail version would any of you recommend this version? all so it stated

**Please be aware this is an OEM product and includes no retail packaging.

**To be eligible to purchase OEM software you must be a registered Microsoft System Builder. To register go to

Does that mean it will send you a cd key but no cd? and all so if i purchase this version do you i miss out on any benefits such as updates or microsoft help

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  1. The OEM version will include an x86 or x64 disc (not both, you have to specify which one you want) and a license key. But once the key is activated on a particular machine it cannot be transferred to a different machine. It also doesn't include support.

    The retail version includes both x86 and x64 installation discs, a support period (for what it's worth), and it permits the OS to be moved to a different machine.
  2. Silly question but what do you mean by x86 vs x64?
  3. X86 = 32-bit OS
    X64 = 64-bit OS
  4. x64 is sort obvious, but it's easy to see why x86 might be mysterious.

    It comes from the distant ancestors of today's Intel CPUs, which had chip numbers of "8086", "80286", "80386" and "486". Microsoft labeled its Intel-compatible version of Windows NT "x86" to indicate it would run on the 32-bit Intel processors (80386 and 80486), and distinguish it from the versions designed to run on Alpha or MIPS processors. So "x86" has come to mean a 32-bit Intel version of Windows.
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