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Hi Everyone.

I have a 1tb external hard disk which was working fine till yesterday. It fell down last week. After that, I transferred two files (total of 25gb) from my laptop into the external hard disk yesterday. The problem started after that. When, I tried to open any of all the files (a total of 11 including the two I transferred yesterday), it's suggesting to be formatted. The external hard drive is recognized in the disk manager to be healthy. Currently, I have turned the Easeus Recovery software on, it's showing 12 hours to be completed.

Any suggestions are gladly welcome.
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  1. Watch some TV and wait it out. Until you finish the recovery and find out how much you can get beck, there is nothing we can do.

    Even if it finish recovering and you are not getting the files you want, you have only one other option left. That is to hire professional data recovery service.
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