One of PCs drops Wifi, started very suddenly

Hi all,

Would really appreciate some help with this. Got two systems, tower (Win XP) and laptop (Win 7), wireless. Both were fine, then tower started to drop wireless signal, or speed would slow down to the point that you could not do anything useful. Sometimes it would pick up again, but this seems very random. Laptop is not having these issues. Tower also connects to other networks (BT OpenZone) and does so very quickly, but to connect to the home one takes forever.
Router has been re-set several times, tower scanned for malware, nothing found. Tower's wireless device is linksys WMP45g, with drivers updated. Router is Sky's bog standard thing that they sent.
Ran inSSIDer, my wireless is channel 6, all other networks around me are channel 1.
Also, when sometimes it tries to connect to the network it would try for a bit, then give up without any messages.
So at the moment I can't even connect to the network. But on Saturday it was good enough to Skype with people. Once again, all was fine up until 2 weeks ago, and then it started dropping signal. Nothing changed, no new devices added, and laptop is fine, in any part of the house.
Any help on this matter would be much appreciated!
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  1. try changing the wireless router's channel to 10. see if that helps.
  2. Hi,

    Changed it to 11, did not make a difference. Changed security to WEP from WPA2, made it slightly better, but still slows down a lot. Any other ideas?
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