Is this what is making my internet slow?

Idk the exact name of my router but it is fairly new. I just built a gaming pc and I get the most uneven connection ever. At times I get around 15-20 mbs but most of the time I'd be lucky to get one. My router/modem is in my basement and there is a desktop in the room next to me which gets a perfect connection, so I know its not the distance or anything.

Could it be because of the fact that I have A LOT of stuff connected to my router wireles?
Xbox 360 (not wireless)
Mom's laptop
dad's laptop
sister's laptop
family desktop
mom's tablet
2 iPhones
My desktop
Magic Jack

I use a wireless pcie card, which has good reviews, and I've updated every driver for my pc, done all of the "Tricks" i've seen on youtube, and still nothing.

Any ideas?
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  1. I am stunned you have built your own PC yet don't know the make of your router however that seems to be a non-issues in the first place. As a first step please switch off or remove any wireless devices near your PC - this includes Cordless house phones and mobile/cell phones. See if that helps
  2. K I'll do that, thanks for the tip. And I don't know anything about networking cause i still live at home (17 years old) and I've never had any problems with our network so i never bothered to care to learn about its interworkings and such. I still don't know much about computers I was just lucky enough to get a job early in life to fund a gaming pc.
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