IP Address Used by Another Device

My home is having some troubles connecting our three computers to our wireless internet.

Our Network Setup:

Phone Jack -> DSL Moden -> Wireless Router/Desktop Computer


My desktop runs off the DSL that is ran into the system, so wireless is not needed for the desktop. However, our two laptops do need wireless to run. About two days ago, our laptops would not connect to our internet, and said that our IP Address are Conflicting with Another Device.

Desktop: Windows Vista 64x (Connected)
Laptop1: Windows 7 (Connected)
Laptop2: Windows XP (This is the computer that will not connect.)
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  1. Check each machine and determine if it is getting an IP address automatically from the gateway router or if one is static.

    From the wired connection, the desktop machine, type the router gateway address into your browser, enter ID and password (they will probably still be default values and in your manual) to look at the router configuration pages. Depending on the router you could assign reserved dynamic addresses (in manual under address reservation) or static addresses to each machine. Then in the specific machines give them those static addresses. All with mask

    How much have you done with networking, i.e., are you comfortable doing that stuff or do you need some how to guides?
  2. Also check that you don't have a wireless printer on DHCP as mine sometimes keeps a IP address when its in standby and then causes a similar problem
  3. Actually, I got it working, just did a system restore on the laptop and now it connects fine. Looks like we just had some kind of network glitch but it is all working now.

    Thanks for trying to help, however!
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