How do I change SSID password on My dell wireless 1395 WLAN MINI CARD

Hi...i had to default my wireless router " Netgear WGR14V6" and since then I haven't been able to connect with my wireless card. I can physically connect to it with a cable but I can't access it with the wireless card. When I look at the properties it says that it is working fine but I can't seem to find where to change the "SSID and the security phrase". Usually when it is up and running it has a status button and when you click on it there is a tab that you click on and it shows you the SSID and the rest, but now since it is not connected there isn't anything that I can find to change this. Can anyone lead me in the right direction to be able to fix this. Thanks.
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  1. you would have to disconnect from the network, then go to the wifi networking properties and "forget" that network. then it will prompt you for the password again when you connect to it.
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