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Hi every one i am new here and i need a little help i was working on my computer and was trying to get it to hook up to the internet it was always connected just it was not sending and receiving packets or very minimum then after i looked online for some help i did some cmd prompt lines in order to try to reset it and still did not work. i am no network artist i know how just to get by but now for some reason my computer wont let me move the icons around which is a strange side effect and as well it wont even let me go to my network connections it just says when i go to properties that there is a error and now hard line or wireless wont work on my computer any help would be great as well if you could provide any instructions for it as well thank you in advance
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  1. You have more than just an issue with the internet here. Did you reboot the computer and try then?

    Try a different account, one with administrator rights.

    Can you start any other program OK? Other items in the control panel open OK?

    Did you do a virus and spyware scan?
  2. well i did reboot the computer and then i tried the only account with administrative rights i can start every thing okay its just the internet wants to do what it wants from time to time and then the icons wont move at all but i can pretty much do every thing else okay
  3. Could be the modem or router causing issues. What do you mean about icons not moving? Does the whole system lock up when you loose the internet? Is this a laptop or a desktop? Did you try new drivers for the network card and chipset? Check in power settings and make sure the network card never gets shut off.
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