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My xp laptop shows a connection with usb broadband but the internet does not connect. The computer connects using LAN or wireless and the USB broadband modem work on another xp computer. I have tried a friends mobile broadband on my laptop but this will not connect to the internet after installation. I have tried winsock, flush DNS, uninstall and reinstall, replacing corrupted and missing files with windows file checker. Apart from formatting and reloading windows, I'm lost. The problem may have occurred after deleting a dns changer virus. I have also tried switching off the firewall, avg and super spyware.
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  1. Check the proxy settings, should be set to off or auto. Try one or the other to see if one of those works.

    You can try to do a Repair setup of windows, won't have to format then.
  2. Thanks hang_the_9. Tried both of those - I am at a complete loss on this one.
  3. If you have that DNS virus, there is a FBI web site that was put out, don't remember what it was, but it gives a link to how to fix that.
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