Windows 7 Crashes during CHkdsk

I own an older Win 7 X64 PC. The thing runs fine without problems except when I try to schedule it for a disk error check (Chkdsk) upon restart? When I schedule that the PC is able to reboot, start up and go into error checking and finish part 1, but when it gets to part two it crashes about 25% of the way through it? When I say crashes, what happens is the monitor light goes from blue to amber and the thing just sits there like it went to sleep. No matter what I do it won't come out of this? If I hit the restart button it starts with three beeps and just sits there. I have to completely shut the PC off, let it sit there for a few seconds then restart it.

Once I restart the PC I have to cancel out of the disk check or else it will go through the same thing again. Once I cancel out fo the disk check it boots up and runs fine without any problems that I'm aware of?

So my question is this: How do I get this PC to run a disk check (chkdsk) all the way through to completion without it crashing? Should I just put the thing back to a version that was working (from backup) or is there a good way to fix this?

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  1. 1. You may try to use Microsoft hotfix at

    2. If you have W7 DVD, you can check disk using it:

    If you don't have one, you can download one and burn it to disk

    Download the version you have on your PC installed.
  2. Thanks for replying.
    I tried the hotfix, but couldn't find the file it said to use?

    Put in my win 7 install cd, rebooted and did what you said, when it came to the command prompt it said it was on drive X:? I tried changing to drive C which didn't work. Then I tried running chkdsk C: /r from there and got an error that said it couldn't find the path? It then went to a repair screen ran for a bit then the system crashed again. When it crashes the system acts like it's going to sleep where the blue on light for the monitor turns amber and the system just sits there doing nothing. Reboot button again tuns out three beeps, turn off system by power button, wait, restart and the system starts ad runs fine?

    No idea what to do now?
  3. To fix this I would download from the manufacturer of your hard drive their diagnostic software and test the drive. If the drive passes the tests I would repartition and reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. I know that this is a bit drastic but I think that this will be the only way to fix this problem. There are a couple of other possible causes for this problem but you should try the above first before considering them.
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