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Hi. I have a problem with my PC. It self build PC:
asus p6t se
i7 920 DO
GTX 275 Palit
OCZ 1866 6GB
The problem is after installing Win7 64-bit i`ve got Appcrash on everything i downloaded and try to install...
On XP 64 bit it works properly.
Please help!
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  1. You'll have to give us an example of a program that won't install, and the exact message you get when you try to install it.
  2. hold it closer to the phone so I can see it
  3. Its when im trying to install any application downloaded from the internet. Opera, peazip, winamp, even drivers for the graphic card...
    If im trying to install from a cd then its ok.
  4. And the exact message you get when you try to install one of these program is....?
  5. The exact message is:(on everything)
    Name of application
    Its version
    Fault Module Name: its a name of application
    Fault module timestamp::48c8b2ef
    Exception COde:c0000005
    Exception Offset:00002c86
    Then its os version
    Regional settings

    Additional information:
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    It sounds to me like your downloads are corrupted - you should look to see if the download site has a checksum for the download and then run a utility to ensure the checksum of your copy matches it.
  7. i was trying almost everything, also tried to install versions which i already installed on my laptop with win7 as well
  8. If all your download are corrupt, then it could be your hard drive.

    One of my hard drives failed like that. I think it was 4 years old at the time. Anything saved or copied to that drive became corrupted. Curiously any pre-existing data before the problem reared it's ugly head was fine. Go fig....
  9. So might it be some I/O settings in bios?
    I have sata II drive and i didnt find anything about that in Mobo specifications...
  10. It could be the i7 920 intel cpu.

    I have an AMD cpu w/ win7 64bit and winxp 64bit 32bit and all works great.

    It might have to do with your intel cpu.
    is your i7 920 latest revision? with x86 extension?
  11. Its a latest version from ebuyer, without x86 extension...
  12. Ok, the problem is sorted out already.
    Everything was caused by my usb Wi-Fi Adapter..
    Thanks for help!!!
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