New(er) HD in old system probs...

Hey, I could really use some help here...

My dad has this old system, some old compaq, I can get the model number later, its got a Pentium 90 mhz, some simm ram, from 96 or something. Anyway, it came with a 2 gig drive (seagate medalist, if that matters), and he's used it all up. I've been trying to install this new 8 gig HD in it for him (its a WD caviar). I tried once for a while, had no luck, then figured I'd just take it home, make sure the drive functions right on my rig, and install W98 while I was at it. Well, I did that, then tried to install it back on his system again, still no luck...

So I took his hd out (has w95 on it), threw it on my rig...boom, works fine. I even tried the 8 gig maxtor on my rig (w98) on his system, still no luck. So why is it that these newer, bigger HDs with OS already on em arent working on his rig?? I've tried all possible jumper settings, and either get an error that says "1782 disk controller error" or "1790 disk 0 error" (i figure the last one means i have the jumpers wrong and it isnt seeing the reason is that it gives me the 1782 error only with one jumper setting, the 1790 error with all others)

Do i need to get like a pci hard drive controller or something? I know nothing about those...

And one more thing to complicate matters...all the power leads from the power source are currently used up with one hd, one floppy, and one cd drive....
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  1. is the bios seeing the drive at all. u might need to flash the bios - if u can? alot of older systems were unable to use drives if they were over a certain size.
  2. The BIOS is not compatable with that sized drive. In fact, it may be limitted to 2GB drives or smaller. Compaq may have a newer BIOS for it, similar Gateway systems could support up to 8.4GB with newer BIOS. Otherwise you would be limitted to two other choices:

    1: Get a PCI IDE controller card and set BIOS to boot off other devices first, or
    2: Get a "Drive overlay" software from the drive manufacturers website (free) and set the drive at a smaller size (manual settings) in BIOS.

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  3. You would be very lucky to get a HD from one system to work in another. Usually too many conflicts with the installed hardware, IRQ settings, etc. Better just to start from scratch with a flashed bios and a clean windows install. You could then hook your old drive up as a "slave" data only drive to transfer your files, etc. to the new drive. Most likely your programs will not transfer over properly (because of hidden files, registry settings, and such), so just reload them to the new drive.

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  4. You could also get a power lead splitter to power two devices from one output. But I would worry about drawing too much power from one source maybe.

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  5. d00d, you're pathetic

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  6. I hope nobody tries his "advice".

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  7. umm you know you could just go out and find a p233 that someone is putting in the trash. w98 requires me than what the p90 has, even if you got it riged, it would be like giving a dead person a new heart... no point.

    blah blah blah just an opinion.

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  8. Well, I've been trying to convince my dad that this computer has long since passed it's useful life, but he dosent seem to see it that way. I'd really like to pass my old rig onto him for a few bucks...

    I'm still gettin no further with this dang thing...
  9. for a few bucks??

    hes your pops man!

    seriously though i see people giving p233's away, try lookn aroung b4 you charge the the man,


    It seems that every time I reboot my wallet get smaller.
  10. Quote:
    hes your pops man!

    All the easier to understand that a techie has to make a buck. I'm still trying to convince my Dad to ditch his 800 Athlon, and get either an XP or a P4. He went and got 4 years warranty from Time.


    You can understand he doesn't want to waste it.

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