New Desktop Wireless Slower Than Older Laptop


Just got a new desktop computer (running windows 7). I'm using a DWA 125 dongle (DLINK) and connecting to a wireless router we just bought about 2 months ago...

Now, I did a speed test ( with the desktop computer... I'm getting about 8 mb/s

I did one with my older latop (intergrated wi-fi)... I'm getting like 17 mb/s ??

Can someone please help me out ?

Do I need to get another dongle ?

Thank you.
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  1. hello, try changing the wireless channel that the router is broadcasting on and rerun the test.
  2. Thank you !

    That work well... It took a bit of tweaking, but I have way better speeds now.

    Any thoughts on why the laptop still out performs the USB dongle ?

    Thanks again !
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