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I have a question on configuring a RAID Level 0 setup for two identical hard drives with a DVD ROM and DVD RW on a Asus P4B533-E Motherboard. I am confused reading Asus' manual on how to jumper and install these drives. I want to be able to copy CD ROMs from the DVD ROM drive to the DVD-RW drive. My understanding based on reading their manual is this:

HDD #1 connects to the PRI_RAID connector jumpered as Master.
HDD #2 connects to the SEC_RAID connector jumpered as Master
DVD ROM connects to the PRI_IDE connector jumpered as Master
DVD-RW connects to the SEC_IDE connector jumpered as Master

Is this the best setup?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. That's how you set the Hard drives up I dont think the DVD/DVD RW really matter if they are master/slave on the same chennal but then again I dont know to much hehe.

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  2. Go with all on master as you've already suggested. This keeps every device 'happy'. TWO CD devices (one of them a CD/RW) may cause probs. Probably do no worse than reduce transfer speeds on copying drive to drive.

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  3. I have to disagree- I did same for raid, and have cd on master and burner on slave, and things got faster w/ the cd drives and burner (and I can do on teh fly as well now).

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  4. You have choosen the best possible solution, just do it!

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  5. Thanks all for the posts. Flamethrower205, what got faster with the CD and burner on one channel? I would think that bandwidth on one cable would be a problem if I were to burn a copy of a CD?
  6. What crashman said.....just do it! =)

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  7. It seemed that before, when the burner and cd were on one cable (secondary) their just wasn't enough bandwith. Then they each got a cable, and things r running faster.

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