Need help w/ choosing wireless adapter, o' how the times have changed.

So I recently bought a desktop computer and want to connect it wirelessly to the home network.

Now... the last time I bought a desktop computer many years ago, it was common to just install a wireless NIC in one of the PCI slots.

But now I see on Newegg that most (if not all?) of the wireless NICs are actually USB plug-ins. Maybe some connect to the motherboard's LAN port. And I'm confused.

My primary goal is to connect to the internet (via my simple home router). What are your suggestions for accomplishing this? PCI card like back in the day? Or some USB dongle? Is it now acceptable to just use a USB plug-in wireless adapter as a permanent wireless solution? I mean, it hogs a USB slot. Is it no longer customary to use a PCI wireless NIC?

Oh! And another consideration.
Next month I plan on buying a TV to which I can stream movies from the computer (and possibly remote desktop access) -- I think this feature is called DLNA? I heard of computer wireless adapters being mentioned in the same context as the term DLNA. So... what considerations do I need to take when buying a wireless adapter for my computer in order to wirelessly stream video and content to my TV over my home network (or directly to the TV)?

Thanks so much!
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  1. You can still buy PCI wireless cards but some new motherboards may only offer you PCIe slots so check that first before buying. Dongles are OK but when plugged in a USB Port around the back of the PC, tend to struggle to reach a signal obscured by the metal PC case itself so go for one of the front USBs if you have any.

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