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I have a simple question and i am new to wireless networking.. I recently bought a wireless router to share my internet connection with my mobile phone ( Sony Ericsson Neo V).. My PC doesn't has a Wifi adapter so I have connected router to pc via a network cable.. Now I want to send my files to mobile phone and can i do that through my router? or should i buy a wifi adapter to pc and directly connect to phone?

Router - http://www.dlink.co.in/products/?pid=452
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  1. Everything that is connected to the router will be able to talk to the other device as long as other settings like security are correct for them. You will need to read the manual to your phone on how to set it up so you can send files over wifi to it.

    Wifi or ethernet does not matter, they are both basically the same.
  2. I was unable to connect via Media Go that is why i posted.. I used another software call Android sync manager wifi and now it is working.. but i have to launch the app in both pc and Phone to share files.. Is it possible to share files without a software? I mean Win7 to Phone..
  3. Both systems support DNLA, setup sharing on the Windows PC for the files you want to share, make sure you set rights for Everyone to access the files if you want to have the phone see them. Then use the DNLA app on the phone to find the files. It will have a "copy files to phone" icon.
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