To Tom's Hardware crew! Question about LCD.

Is there any difference between the panel of the Hyundai Q17 and Hercules Prophetview 920 Pro? What is the exact name of the panels?

I've found some information that I think indicates it is the same panel

HyDis HM17E12 panel, Prophetview 920 Pro and Hyundai Q17.

Response time: 20 ms on all panels
Brightness: 250 (herc) , 250 (hydis), 260 (q17)
Contrast: 430:1 (herc), 430:1 (hydis), 450:1 (q17)
Viewable size: 337x270mm (herc), 337 x 270 mm (hydis), 337 x 270 mm (q17)
View angle: 125/150 (herc), n/a (hydis) , 125/150 (q17)

They all are HyDis panels (according to tom's hardware) and the prophetview 920 pro and q17 has TN+Film technology (i assume the HyDis panel im talking of has the same technology).
To me it seems to be the exact same panel, please fill me in!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hello Duttzi,

    These two panels are the same.
    In fact, more than "are", it is "should". As we wrote it in the last review, it happens that Hyundai changes a panel without changing the specifications.

    With a PV 920 Pro, you are sure that the panel inside is an Hydis. In the Q17, it should be the same.
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