How much can I overclock an ATI Rage Fury?

I have an old ATI Rage Fury video card and I just download a Rage128 tweaker program.

I am wondering if anyone who has this old video card can tell me what the max settings I should set the card to. I don't want to fry it or kill the card but I just want to set it at it's best performance..
Any suggestions?

Core setting: 75MHz to 125MHz
Memory setting: 75MHz to 150MHz
HMDL use AGP ??
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  1. Lol... ok, I'm assuming you have a passive heatsink. This was back when vid cards didn't need fans... whoo!

    Anyway, your first step is to place a big fan underneath it if you can. If your case is standing up then you can do this. For my own Rage card, since I had a sound card 2 slots below it, there was soom room for me to take an 80mm fan, elevate its four corners slightly so that it has air to actually intake from the bottom of the fan, and then cut out a piece of cardboard to rest the fan on, then put the whole thing on top of my sound card so that the fan was blowing directly at the rage chip. Once I did this I went up to 110/110 core and memory. I never went any higher though. So I don't know how high it can go. Generally you don't have to worry so much about damaging video cards when overclocking. Just get a fan to cool it, then keep upping the core and memory clock until you start to get random crashes and graphics glitches. That's when you know to bring it down.

    HDML use AGP is supposed to improve performance in high poly scenes. I still have no clue what HDML stands for but it's recommended to leave it on if it doesn't crash your computer. The only reason to turn it off is if your computer doesn't boot up correctly.

    This little cathode light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!
  2. Yeah. Just that small black heatsink...

    Ok I have a 80mm fan blowing the chip. But the tweaker I'm using (Rage 128 tweaker) seems to not have any effect? I'm not sure but I put everything at max speed such as memory at 150Mhz and the core at 125MHz.. but I didn't notice one little bit of improvement so my mind is thinking is that the tweaker isn't working..
    So I'm wondering just how you overclocked your Rage card?

  3. Another OC tool
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    I think it's because Rage 128 Tweaker is designed to work with the Rage 128 Pro chipset while yours is the Rage 128 GL chipset. If your overclock does work, you should see your screen flash off for a moment and back on again as if you were changing your refresh rate.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by cakecake on 06/20/02 11:55 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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