Cannot connect to the internet on a fresh windows 7 installation

Hi there,

I recently built a new computer and everything seemed to be fine but won't let me go onto the internet...I'm using an ethernet cable from the computer to the modem/router (a Netgear DGNB2100). The little tray icon next to the clock says I have "Internet access" but Internet Explorer won't load any web pages (it stays on "Website found. Waiting for reply..." or "Waiting for..." etc) and when I search for updates from Windows Updates it would just keep searching give me some error saying there are connection problems.

I've tried everything I can find on the internet, like:
-using the windows troubleshoot/diagnostics (which comes up with nothing)
-made sure it is obtaining IP address and DNS server address automatically
-made sure Internet Explorer is not using a proxy
-reset the Internet Explorer setting
-disable windows firewall
-disable and re-enable the connection
-power cycle the modem/restart the computer
-reset winsock and TCP/IP
-uninstall/reinstall drivers (drivers are up to date as well)

none of them seem to change anything and maybe other things which I forgot, I have ran out of options so I'm asking for some help on the forums now. Any help or tips will be greatly appreciated

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  1. Does the adapter show up in the device manager as working correctly?

    Is your computer correctly configured to automatically obtain an ip address from the gateway router? Verify that by typing ipconfig in the computer command prompt window to get information on the gateway address and see if your computer has an ip address that is in the network range.

    In the router configuration pages do you see that the computer is recognized and assigned an address -- or is there an issue like MAC addressing that prevents a connection? Or perhaps an ip address conflict, which you could fix with dynamic address reservation or a static address.

    Can you ping the router gateway address successfully? If not, are you sure that the cable isn't bad -- like by testing it with another working machine? Also, try a different Ethernet port on the router, they occasionally have problems.
  2. Hi RealBeast, thanks for your reply

    The adapter does show up in the device manager and says its working fine.

    The computer is set to obtain ip automatically and from ipconfig /all, the ip address of both the computer and router seems to be correct. The ip address for the computer also matches the ip assigned in the router configuration page.

    From the computer I am able to ping the router and however sometimes there are a few timed out. Also when I access the router from my netbook I can ping the computer when Windows Firewall is turned off on the computer but will get timed out when it is turned on.

    I've also tested the cable on the netbook with wifi turned off so it should be working fine and have tried another ethernet port of the router, but nothing seems to change.

    Sorry for the trouble and thank you for replying
  3. Is this a modem/router that you have used recently and gotten a good connection? I would try turning off all router functions and just using it as a modem with a computer directly connected to see if the router is malfunctioning. If you can borrow another modem, I would make a direct connection to that to see if it is the modem/router.
  4. I have 2 or 3 laptops currently using the same modem, but using wifi, but only the computer is connected using ethernet, I might try getting a wireless network card for the computer and try that but I dont think that is the problem because I tested the ethernet connection using this netbook and seem to work perfectly fine

    I suspect there is a setting on the computer preventing me from accessing the internet but I am really unsure of what it may be

    Thank you for your reply RealBeast
  5. Okay, so clearly your router and the network Ethernet works, so you have it narrowed down to the computer wireless. Are you using WPA2 with AES on the router and computer?

    I would try giving the computer a reserved dynamic address -- look in your router manual under address reservation. Then on the computer do a quick command prompt box cleanup:
    Ipconfig /flushdns
    Ipconfig /release
    Ipconfig /renew

    If you go with a new wireless adapter, get a USB adapter -- cheaper and better, and easy to re-use elsewhere.
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