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Two Networks on one server

Last response: in Networking
July 7, 2012 1:34:20 PM

I have a Video Management Software on a single server with two Gb Eternet ports. One port is addressed !0.179.41.XXX and the other is 192.168.0.XXX.
Bringing video on only one network is fast. Bring both in and the server is having issues with connectivity.
Would a SOHO Router solve the problem? What brand or model would you recommend?

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July 7, 2012 5:46:33 PM

What OS are you using? Do you want the two networks to be able to communicate with one another or do you want to keep them apart but accessible on that machine? Are you just trying to use one network for that specific application and the second for all other stuff? Are the video transfers coming from an NAS on your network?

I doubt that a router is the answer, but I'm not yet clear on what you are trying to accomplish.

July 14, 2012 3:47:57 AM

I have one server with two NIC slots, It is running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise.

We have two seperate networks that have cameras on each network that are recorded onto this single server. One network is 192.168.0.XXX and it is unmanaged. The second network is a managed enterprise network with a 10.179.41.XXX network with a 255.255.XXX.XXX mask. I have NO control over this network

Using two NIC cards with different subnets seem to have conflicts, cause the software program to run slow and have to be restarted weekly. It also seems to lose connection with the server quite often and causes interuption of the recording of the camera. When I turn off one of the NIC slots, the server seems to run without these problems.

I had it in my mind that a simple router would allow the traffic to come over a single subnet using the routing tables.

Everytime I check either NIC Slot, Windows displays a message that reads (paraphrasing) "two different subnets may cause instability. The two nic slots are for redundancy, do you want to continue?"
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July 14, 2012 11:45:05 AM

Does each NIC have a default gateway set? That would cause the problem.

You would need to have at most only a single default gateway set on one NIC and would need to set up a static routing table entry for the other network, rather than using a second default gateway on one machine.
July 14, 2012 12:54:41 PM

So here is where my miniscule knowledge starts to break down. The enterprise network has a default gateway of The private network is a simplistic Linksys Network without the ability to manage the switches. I do not have any input or ability to provide an entry into a routing table for the enterprise network.

Can I purchase an inexpensive router that I can add the routing entries into and then plug both networks or can I do this Static Routing Table Entry into the server itself.

Today, I erased the private network Default Gateway on the second NIC Card. Will that help me or cause more troubles?

Sorry for my limited knowledge going forward.
July 14, 2012 5:23:25 PM

Thank you, I have made the changes to the routing table and will expect great results.

This has lifted a great burden from my life. Thank you again.