Onboard Sound, Use it or not?

I have a mobo with AC-97 onboard sound, i also have a sb16 PCI card vacant but i would rather not put this in. Is the ac97 onboard likely to be good enough for me to listen to mp3 and also play games like counterstrike. I dont care about 5.1 surround as i plan on using only 2 speakers (im using a decent amplifier and good speakers), and i also dont care about eax, a3d etc as a sb16 dosent have these anyway. Do you think the onboard would be good enough for my needs? ps I have pIII 750mhz

Need ADVICE????

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  1. If you do not care about the eax, a3d etc and only use 2.1 setup. I think Onboard sound will be fine.
  2. thx, im just about to try and see if the quality is better or worse for each card, ill post the results on here later

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  3. Ok it turned out the sb16 was way better than the onboard, im going to check prices and might decide to get a 5.1 or something, cos the sb16 doesnt have a proccessor (e.g emu chip)and therefore has really high cpu utilisation. any reccomendations (no more than about £70)??

    If all else fails, Go further :)
  4. How about onboard Realtek ALC201A AC'97 controller vs Sound Blaster Live! Value?

    I'm not good at this stuff so wondering which would be better.
  5. Turtle Beach Santa Cruiz had been around a LONG time and has a BIG following of loyal fans.

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  6. a stupid question...
    so the onboard sound would take cpu usuage alot? and if i have a pci sound card, it'll help my cpu run smoother?
  7. Well, what can you say?
    If you are satisfied with the quality of the sound then be appy with the AC97, else...................

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  8. i use the sound blaster audigy, it has the lowest cpu utilization of any soundcard for games. Its the only one to accelerate EAX3 in hardware in games such as GTA3/JK2/SOF2. I'm the type that can't be without the latest and greatest (esp in sound).
    I've been playing GTA3 regularly and it sounds great.

    Athlon XP 1700+,KT266A,Geforce3, Audigy.. 'nuff said.
  9. EAX 3 sounds great in GTA3, I agree. JKII is another story...

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  10. Game manufacturer will be utilizing the technology better with their up coming games. A sound card usually last a long time.
  11. I agree, I think JKII sounds bad just because it was the first game and was rushed (also remember that there was no menu option for EAX3 until the first patch).

    However, I also think GTA3 lends itself to the technology more than JKII does. I could be wrong, but it seems like the type of game where EAX3 really shines.

    I still prefer my GTXP, but it'll be nice when there are other cards with EAX3 to choose from.

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