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I am running Win 7 X64 and i want to install latest DirectX, So i go to the Microsoft website for latest updates but I can only find DirectX 9.C......

So, updates are only for 9.C? what about 11?

The latest I was able to find was:

Additional info:
I clean formatted my computer to Win 7,

many of my games are reporting missing directX files, which after searching i came to know that it belongs to directx9.

So now i have to install tht particular games DVD and install directX frm DVD and so on with each and every game.....

So all i wanted to have latest updated DirectX, so that I don't have to pop every game DVD to install DirectX from there...
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  1. See answer here. God I love google.

    Update: Win 7 already have included DX 11.
  2. I got mine from Dirt2 which came with my 5850... Otherwise everything else I play is still DX9c to 10.1 as of now...
  3. One of the best:

    Visit main page regularly for constant updates...
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