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Hi Everyone,

I have a few questions about power supplies.

1) First off there are different power levels ranging from 300 - 430. I know it just means more power for the box but how many more power plugs do you get?

2) What is the technical term for the power plugs on a power supply?

3) With all these new case lights ranging from cathode tubes to neon string, how are those connected to the power supply? They keep mentioning molex (What is molex?)


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  1. Molex is a type of power connector. Used for drives and case fans usually.

    Don't worry about how many you get. You can always use splitters to make more if needed. Just have a good idea of the PSU needed to so the job.

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  2. Figure on 5-8 molex connectors on a psu in general (molex being the 4-pin fan/ HD/CD drive connectors).

    The reason many don't PSU's don't scale as you go higher is to keep costs of the units down. Also it's hard to predict how many devices people are going to use.

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