Mobile wifi to laptop

how to connect my samsung monte mobile to my laptop
my laptop reconize my phone but not getting connected
Plese help
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  1. What type of phone do you got some telephones have to option to be used as wireless acces point. This way of using the internet with a moblile phone is called tethering. Just look on google: How to phone name tethering. You will find plenty of guides.

    Keep in mind it will use a lot of data. Most providers aren't happy with people who are doing this. I would suggest to contact them and ask if they support it before getting big bills for data usage.
  2. Not sure which way you want the data to flow.

    1). Are you connecting your phone to laptops internet via wifi?
    2). Are you trying to connect your laptop to your phone via wifi to use the data package of your phone?

    Either way it would help if we know the OS of your phone & your laptop.
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