RDP without VGA driver on host machine?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, first of all!

Basically, I am swapping my Atom/ION nettop (that I use as a file server, game server, torrent server etc. etc.) for one that has no fans and no mechanical HDD. I control it primarily via RDP, so I don't need to plug a keyboard or display into the nettop itself.

The new one I'm getting should be a step up due to the whole no moving parts thing, as well as the much faster CPU. But Intel, in their infinite wisdom, have not provided (and don't plan on providing) a 64bit graphics driver for the GMA 3650.

If I were to install 64bit Windows on this new machine without installing a driver for the graphics, would I have any issues using RDP? I'm not sure if the visuals are generated on the host or the client and whether it would matter either way.

Of course, if I'm missing an even bigger issue then please do point it out!
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  1. You can't RDP into a machine w/o a working video adapter! The video adapter is what generates the images. All RDP (or any other remote desktop application) does is *mirror* those images back to the remote client. In fact, they usually refer to a remote desktop's driver as a "mirror driver". It monitors the graphics output and keeps the remote client updated as various portions of the screen change.
  2. What I was asking is if it will work without a driver (besides the standard VGA driver). As it turns out, RDP does work without having Intel's IGP driver installed.
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