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My ISP is comcast. I have a motorolla SB 6121 modem (with only 1 outlet) which is connected to Medlink wireless N router.I connected the computer.But I want to connect my VOIP phone (Vonage) to the modem.
Is there anyway I can do that ? Or I need to get a new modem with dual output?
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  1. Why not connect the VOIP adapter to the router's switch? It should work just fine. Yeah, the VOIP company *prefers* that you connect it directly to the modem, but that's not a requirement. They only do that because they end up w/ less tech support calls for the small number of ppl who have performance issues when the VOIP adapter is behind a router.

    So at least try it behind the router first, and only if you have issues, worry about connecting it to the modem.
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