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I am going back to college and I will need a router. Both my roommate and I were on the same router went over our bandwidth usage a number of times last year. I've done a bit of research and have come up with a few options: Asus rt-n56u, netgear wndr 4500, and the apple airport extreme. Both my desktop and laptop pc so I'm not sure if that effects the outcome. I am going to need a usb port for an ext hdd, which all of them have. All of the routers have a 5hz signal for better streaming. Would I be able to use the apple airport? It seems the have the best reviews. But I question the compatibility and some of the reviews due to possible fanboyism. Also, If I connect my desktop to the router via a crossover cable and have an ext hdd hooked into the router can I transfer files to the ext hdd and stream that data over a 5 hz signal?
Thanks ahead of time to anyone who answers!
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    The BEFSR41v3 in my basement serves as many as a dozen computers
    via switches and subordinate access points, without a hitch. A WRT54G2
    gives me wireless access, but I'm not using the gateway portion of the
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