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Greetings folks,

I believe these issues started when I installed Windows 7 Home Premium, but I'm not quite sure. It was a clean install on freshly formatted harddisc, and then I installed Power DVD 9 Ultra for my Blu-Ray playbacks. It seems like sometimes (not always), the blu-ray playback will have some intermittent lag every 5 minutes or so. I tried to shut off all other software except for my anti-virus (Avast home 4.8), but the problem does happen sometimes even when I carefully made sure all other software were turned off.

Are there any known issues with any of my software or hardware concerning blu ray playback?


The Optical drive is a Lite-On x6 blu ray read only
Amd Phenom 2 955 Black Edition at 3.2ghz quad (not overclocked)
ASUS M4N82 Deluxe nForce 980A SLI
8g Corsair XMS2 800mhz (4x2gig each)
Mempipe copper cooler
Ultra Chiltech Electro-thermal CPU cooler
Ultra x3 1000watts Power supply
XFX GTX280 (SLIx2) (Plugged via HDMI to Sharp Aquos 1080p 60hz 52" lcd)
Auzentech Prelude 7.1 X-Fi (Plugged via toslink to Yamaha HTR-6160 Home Theater receiver)
Seagate 300g 7200rpm (system)
Seagate 500g 7200rpm (Extra)
WD Caviar Black 1TB 7200rpm (Extra)
Logitech Dinovo Edge Keyboard
Logitech MX Revolution Mouse
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  1. Download Revo and uninstall PDVD and then reinstall PDVD. PDVD Blu-ray software is very cranky. This is what I have found to work best. Revo removes all traces of the software. If you don't do it this way PDVD will assume you already have a copy installed and won't work properly if at all.
  2. So you're saying that this could be caused by a buggy install, and you recommend I reinstall it? Maybe this was caused by one of their updates then....
  3. It's less likely an update has caused your issue. It's more likely PDVD is the culprit. PDVD has known issues and is very picky from an installation point. I have used it for about 2 yrs and have had my share of issues with it. Additionally, I have Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and use PDVD 7 BD. Uninstall and reinstall PDVD. This is what works the best in my opinion. Takes about 10-15 min of your time. Ask yourself how much time have you spent trying to figure this out so far? You have to start somewhere. Right? If I am right. Issue solved. Let me know how it goes.

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