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Hello all! Im going to set up a high quality wired network for me and my friends this summer so we can play LAN games or share files and movies at gigabit speeds with no network lag. I got a lot of cash for the project so the cost of the hardware is not a problem. But I do prefer TP-LINK hardware because most of our computers have TP-LINK network cards inside. Also I don't want this network to connect to the internet just local stuff. I have already bought a gigabit 24port ethernet unmanaged switch from TP-LINK and some cat6a S/STP cables from 1aTTack. Once my stuff arrives what do i have to do to connect all the computers together? Also how do i get a DHCP server up so we can easily connect to the network?
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  1. you could connect a cheep router to serve as a DHCP server
  2. Yes i thought about that but i wont have any spare ports on the switch for the router :(
  3. I could use the main game/apache server as a dhcp server but i don't know which dhcp server tp install
  4. Need some help
  5. You would probably be better off to just static IP everything into the same network instead of using a DHCP server to hand out IP's. If it is just going to be you and a few friends you won't have an addressing issue. DHCP is only really necessary if A) You want to limit the amount of devices you have, but you are wiring yourselves into a LAN so that isn't a problem. and B) if you have a large amount of devices and you don't want to run into IP conflicts, which I don't see occuring.

    Lets say it's just you and 4 or 5 friends LAN'ing, you could just simply use for your server, and then through for your friends. As long as you guys are all pointing to the same switch/server to play your game on you should be all set.
  6. Yes we are all in the same switch for LAN but there are 3 server machines, one for apache, another for game server and another as a database. My friends may have to connect to my other network in order to browse the internet because the LAN wont have access to the internet. Also setting up the configuration for every single laptop/computer/device would be hassle. My friends at the end of each day will take their computers back home and they will connect to other networks, erasing my setup and i will have to redo the configuration every morning... The total number of devices including my TVs, Security Cameras and IPphones would be about 20 :(
  7. Then on one of your server machines, preferably the apache machine IMO. Find a simple DHCP application, like tinyDHCP, and run that alongside apache. DHCP doesn't use up many cycles whatsoever, so it won't be that much more for your machine to handle.
  8. Does tinyDHCP allow some computers like the servers to have Static and the rest dynamic?
  9. Well if you set a static IP on a server, its not going to request a dynamic IP.
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