Command Line - display full network settings on my active wLAN

Hi Folks just joined so first post! I’ve searched quite a bit so apologies it this has been answered before. I have a question actually banging my head off the wall about how to display the full network settings on my active wLAN network connection using the command line only.

The router i’m using in an O2 Hotshot. I can connect using – "netsh wlan connect name= O2-Hotshot-xxxx ssid=O2-Hotshot-xxxx".

As “ipconfig” or “All” won’t bring up all my settings such as Subnet Mask, Default Gateway IP Address etc.
does any body have any ideas how to achieve this i’m using Vista or can use XP.

Thanks in advance..............D.
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  1. Any one ?

    Just thinking is their a command to include the default gateway ?

    Thanks ...D.
  2. For command line you could try "help" or "man" for some help. I'd try "show config", "show interfaces", "show run". Although, these are all cisco commands, but a lot of products i've worked with use nearly identical commands. Best way to do it would just be to google O2 hotshot config commands or something along those lines. I have never worked with an O2 product.
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