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Afternoon all,

Firstly I'm unsure if this in the correct category, this is 1/3 XP query, 1/3 Windows 7 and 1/3 Windows server 2008. Apologies if it isn't in the correct one!

Basically, I'm pretty new to servers, I can do the basics such as setting it up as a file storage server etc but not much more!

What I'm trying to do is set up Roaming profiles so that anybody can goto any computer on the network and logon then all of their own files and settings are there rather than it being computer specific, I'd like it pretty much how colleges have it.

I've done some reading up on this but I'm very confused, at one point I ended up switching the main admin on the server to a main admin with the path roaming/Administrator and then my head was battered as I could connect to the server but not logon via Remote desktop.

I'm being cheeky here but what I pretty much need is a step by step guide on how exactly to setup the server then how to setup each user.

I've genuinely tried to research and do this but I can't suss it out and I'm pretty worried about knackering the whole software side of the server up as it's a pretty vital resource in our office.

Hopefully one of you out there is a server expert!
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  1. Try this :-

    1. setup a shared folder to store profiles

    2. in AD, enter the profile path for a user as \\server\share\%username%

    3. login as that user

    4. browse to \\server\share to check that use folder was created.

    If you have XP & 7 clients, users will get a different profile on each OS.

    Hope that helps

    EDIT - If it goes wrong, just remove the profile path from AD
  2. Thanks for the advice above.

    I think I should be able to setup the server side from the advice you've given me.

    I shall post once I've tested this.

    Thanks again.
  3. Ok I thought I'd be able to suss this one out but I can't! I'm not too clued up with the server side of things.

    Any chance somebody has a sort of beginners step by step guide handy that I would be able to follow?
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