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here is what i have to work with i have a broadband internet that feeds into a dlink wired router which provides wired connections to my 2 cash registers i have 2 trednet wireless n routers i have 8 gaming stations 4 ps3 4 xbox360 i have 4 on each side of room i have and Ethernet cable running to the center of each one with the wireless routers in the center or the 4 stations i plan on wiring the systems to the routers directly can someone help me with how to set them up i don't have the option of returning and getting different equipment so can someone help me with the best possible set up
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  1. Whats the problem? There aren't many details, but that looks like it should work okay.
  2. im not sure hot to set everything up
  3. "A man who moves a mountain begins by carrying small stones."

    Start plugging it in, if the problem is a lack of ports, you'll need to add a switch.
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